1. A

    Auction Question

    Hi, so I want to buy Level 50 Armor Rider/Driver on Auction, is there any way to see if the KEY or MAU Already upgraded to a specific part, for example, Black Mau or Red Mau? Thanks
  2. Kzero

    Selling Staff Weapon Decrease LVL Type C

    Hy Dear Welcome Nick Game : ChenLi / Bellato Union Discord : kzerow / Zerow it's Lvl Staff Option Weapon and Grade Weapon. 1. LVL 50 Option Sharp Intense Staff to LVL 46 + 4 Ken Talic 2. LVL 45 Option Vampire Intense Staff to LVL 43 + 4 Ken Talic 3. LVL 40 Option Strong Intense Staff to LVL 37...