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To Donate - use this link.
The convertion rate is 1ruble=7cash shop (or 1 USDT ~= 630 Cash Shop) ( 1 USDT ~= 90 rubles )
Important! Payment for bank cards is accepted exclusively from cards of the Russian Federation.
The general recommendation is to use the "Paypalich" payment system it works the most stable and, according to our statistics, it has the least errors when paying.

Donation for non-Russian players is available in cryptocurrency.
To Donate with USDT ( TRC20 ), we recommend using the "Paypalich" payment system.
Updated 27.11.2023:
To Dotate with USDT ( ERC20 ), ETH (Etherium), BTC ( Bitcoin ), we recommend using "Enot" payment system. [ETH and BTC payment methods are avaiable from 2000 ruble dontaion (~30 USDT)]
Or "FreeKassa" payment system with USDT ( ERC20 ), ETH (Etherium), BTC ( Bitcoin )

Features of Dotantion with Cryptocurrencies: Carefully choose a payment network if you Donate with USDT (TRC20 or ERC20). You can find out the payment network during the transfer, or in the description of your crypto wallet. Always remember about the commission (commission price will be known during the transfer), this is important, otherwise you will be forced to make a second transfer in order to "Pay" the required amount and pay a double commission.

The commission of payments is always on the buyer's side due to the fact that Cash Shop withdrawal back to rubles or USDT (in development) is available on the project.
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