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[Server ingame information] System of restrictions

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    The system has 2 modes that are switched manually by the administrators without restarting the server.


    You can log in to the game with 1 regular account and as many premium accounts as you want. There are no kicks for account limits.


    You can log in to the game with 1 regular account and 2 premium accounts ( or 3 premium accounts ).

    If at the time of starting Hard-Mode and player have more than 3 accounts active, player will receive a notification (message in the middle of the screen), which will offer to the player to disconnect additional accounts within 3 minutes (leave only 3 accounts active). IIf the player didn't disconnect additional active accounts within 3 minutes, random extra accounts will be kicked up to the limit (3).

    If a player opens 1 to 3 account active, the player will not receive notifications and hard-mode will pass unnoticed for him.

    If the fourth account window is opened during Hard Mode, the player will be notified in a minute later that the limit has been reached and the additional account will be kicked automatically.
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