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The first phase of server

EXP - different, on average x3 with the catch-up system enabled, DROP - x1, with the system of increasing the rate of drop in a certain location (does not work on PB), depending on the level of the player.
More details can be found * at this link*
More information about the catching-up system can be found *at this link*

Duration of the first stage
From 2 to 4 weeks from the start of the project, depending on the speed of server development. Additionally, the installation of phase 2 will be announced on the forum at least 3 days before its installation.

2 game windows without a premium service, additional ones with a premium service (without restrictions).

Changes to content that is limited to level 50
Racial PvP Generators, Hunting Points Generators are not available;
PB Drop updated for the 1st phase;
Limited (not available) Level 50 quest line;
Ore +1 +2 +3 and Rare Ore has 1st phase awards;
Daily Shop Quests are updated for the 1st phase;
The following dungeons are not available: Hell Forge, Hall of Elves, Dungeon Leveling Laboratory;
It is impossible to get Guild Points for killing level 60+ monsters;
The combination of Keen Talic Into Crystal Talic is not available;
It is impossible to get Hunting Points at the first phase.
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