1. T

    error launcher

    sir what i must do? my launcher was not showing the account and the setting of gate server
  2. B

    Hello Admin can you give me the manual patch link?

    Somebody please provide me the manual patch link , because i cannot update via launcher
  3. T

    update launcher error

    sir why pop up update launcher never finished... its like that since 1 our ago
  4. C

    Need Help My Character are Gone / Loss

    Halo,, Please help me, suddenly my Character is gone from game. any bady can help me how to return my character. ID: Chacha Lvl: 51 Job : SM Rase : Belato Best Regard Chacha
  5. T

    eror char

    what i must do sir? if i enter it will critical eror
  6. V

    How To get able to create guild

    Hi Sir could you let me know how create guild? I hv try create in game but there is failed with says "There is no player able make this decision" Please help me Sir If need to get permission please be open for ID Chacha or Vianshu
  7. H

    cannot load file RFOClient.vmp.dll Error : 126

    bagaimana mengatasi tidak dapat memuat file RFOClient.vmp.dll Kesalahan : 126. Tidak dapat memasuki permainan, kesalahan: pemberitahuan 126 selalu muncul. Bantu saya untuk masuk ke dalam permainan pak.